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Increase Efficiency and Attract More Guests

Simple POS is helping restaurants augment their staff with cutting-edge robots that do everything from bus tables to greeting customers! Our robots help your staff focus on more important tasks while serving, impressing, and even entertaining your guests.

orionstar food robot distributor

The Latest Tech

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance and Navigation

Heavy-Duty Carrying Capacity with Up To Four Tray Shelves

Intuitive Interfaces and Option Voice Chat Capability

Display Digital Signage, Ads, and Promotions

Increase Revenue with Affordable Lease Options

Authorized OrionStar Distributor

Looking for a food service robot vendor near you? Simple POS offers the latest and greatest from OrionStar, a leading manufacturer of service robots. 

OrionStar has fully self-developed full-chain artificial intelligence technologies such as voice interaction, image recognition, and visual navigation with the goal of empowering more people and businesses with Artificial Intelligence. 

Their premier food service robot, LuckiBot, is the perfect choice for restaurateurs who wish to augment their staff, increase efficiency, and wow their guests.

As Low as $299 a Month!

High-tech help in your restaurant for considerably less than hiring a part-time employee. Your robot can work up to 16 hours a day on a full battery charge, never gets sick, and will augment your existing staff so they can focus on delivering the best, most efficient, guest experience. 

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